Take A Hike with Teezy the Tour Guide


Whats Good Citizens,

It is your guy Teezy the Tour Guide reporting live from the #RANDOMhouse in Los Feliz, CA. 

If you guys can not tell, I am super excited about our next #RANDOMrecreation: Take A Hike @ Griffith Park

I will be leading our expedition through the wilderness that was donated by Colonel Griffith J. Griffith in 1896!!


Colonel Griffith is a real dad if I ever heard of one.!! Los Angeles is forever #GR8ful for your contribution.

So on to this Sunday…Here are a few things to keep in mind:

It is most likely going to be like 75 – 80 degrees for the duration of the hike. Pretty chill…

We will be meeting at the RANDOMhouse at 11am SHARP. Do not make us wait for you please. Feel free to come early.

Feel free to bring water, snacks, sunglasses & any medicinal products you feel necessary. (*wink wink)

And the last thing is come prepared to have fun and get some exercise.

I know we all could use a little time away from our uber-exciting lives on social media. 

If you have any questions, just hit us up at


See you Sunday!


RANDOM Recreation presents : TAKE A HIKE

Random Recreation : TAKE A HIKE


Time to TAKE A HIKE with your favorite citizens. We know you all love the RANDOM HOUSE so we picked a spot nearby to accommodate our active cravings.

Griffith Park is about to get real. Who wouldn’t wanna hike the path, get stoney around some stones, peep some ass on the pretty grass and drink some REAL WATER ?! What about the LEGEND OF THE HAUNTED PICNIC TABLE? There might even be a DEATH ON A TRAIL. Yes, reaching. Ha.

So, dust off ya Velcro New Balance’s! It spring and its time to get in shape for festival season. Let’s talk some shit about that King Kunta, the OSL lineup, and the MADNESS.

Join us at 11am at the RANDOM HOUSE and we’ll pick a random trail to hit for a few hours and GET VERBY. Follow the Twitter account [@randomcitizens.com] for LIVE updates.

Catch up on your #RANDOM RAPS w/ MARVEL THE GR8

Who doesn’t rap randomly?!

 When you do, lots of things can happen. 

Marvel the GR8 has been tuning his skills over your favorite instrumentals while working on Postmodern Ignorance. To give you some visual goodie’s, he linked up with the director of “Enjoyabowl” to bring you the latest in the RANDOM RAPS series. Join GR8 in the lab as he gets based on the beat while at @DBergStudios. Or if it feels like summer already, catch GR8 poolside at crackhead Lamar and Khloe’s old stomping ground mansion. 

Check out the Dali of Rap’s work with Paboskov in these two pieces of art entitled “SWANTON BOMB” and “PROFIT CHASING PROPHET”. 

New #RANDOM Single – “Jewels” – BRIAN POLAR

A very fine sample of talent is sometimes buried within. Deep within.

Polar’s work may seem quite ordinary at first glance, but it’s true beauty is only realized through the cutting and polishing process of a finely tuned listener who’s looking for the real deal instead of some cookie-cutter fool’s gold.


BRIAN POLAR presents :  “JEWELS”


New #RANDOM Single – “Death on a Rail” [MARVEL THE GR8 freestyle] – BRIAN POLAR

Gentleman and ladies beware. This track is not for a man who is a gentle or a woman who is a lady. It’s for the monster deep inside each and every one of us waiting to spawn.

BRIAN POLAR has been on a tear, no achilles. He has been in such a zone that he can’t do anything but share with the world. So be prepared for more and more releases such as this fine dark treat POLAR dropped this week.

“Death on a Rail” features MARVEL THE GR8 gracing his freestyle over the triumphant street stomping production of POLAR’s genius. The bad dreams side of the San Jose native grabs your ears with a sudden grasp. Indulge yourselves but don’t hurt yourselves with this grimey gem.


New #RANDOM Single – #MyHeart – MARVEL THE GR8


It is the month of love.

But shouldn’t love be something we utilize all the time?

The collective was thinking of a way we can remind each and every type of citizen about love, but in a way that went along with something each and every one of them had.

BOOM. a heart.

It’s so simple. But perfect. All we have to do is remember each and every person has a simple <3 along with you. The GR8 thing about it is, all you have to do is show the simple <3 some love each and every time you encounter one.

Remind yourself in every way you can. Look at someone’s <3 literally if you have to. Careful son, babes in these streets got titties.

But really.

Even if you have to look at their <3 and and tell yourself “It’s #myHeart”, do it. It’s real.

You won’t let yourself down :D

Look out for how we are showing what represents the things we love and care for this week cohesive with #myHeart

Right now, dive into the Brian Polar produced track where tales of the <3 are told.

Below you can download Marvel the GR8’s rendition of  “         …#myHeart…      “